Centrus GeoStan performs the fastest, most accurate address correction and geocoding in the business, preparing your data for a powerful assortment of business geographics applications

GeoStan is the geocoding technology of choice in applications where location is critical. It is the first, and most difficult,  step in accurate geographic analysis.                      Geographic analysis allows you to answer business problems that involve location:

  • In what feature is this address located?
  • What is the closest feature?
  • How far is the address to the nearest feature?

Our ability to geocode addresses with roof top precision is the first step in providing answers to these questions. Our technology has been selected and proven in industries where precision geocoding is critical.

What is geocoding?

Geocoding is the process of appending a latitude and longitude to an address


4750 Walnut St
Boulder CO


4750 Walnut St
Boulder CO 80301-2532
Latitude 40.018994
Longitude -105.239861
Roof-Top Precision

How is address matching done?

Address matching is the process of matching input addresses against a postal or geocoding database. Most address matching solutions work the same way. First, the address is parsed into its components - house number, pre-directional, street name, street type, post directional, and so forth, and then it attempts to find a "close" match in the source data.

The problem with this approach is that it assumes that all of the input addresses are correctly entered. For example:

   1400 Westgate Way Fargo ND

Could this be:

  • 1400 W Gateway?
  • 1400 W Gate Way?
  • 1400 W Gateway Cir?
  • 1400 Westgate Way?

Only GeoStan's non-parsing approach to address matching can find the correct answer:

   1400 W Gateway Cir
   Fargo, ND 58103-3530
   Latitude: 46.859431 Longitude-96.824699
   Rooftop Geocode

What is conflation, and how does it make the results more accurate?

  • Conflation is the process of combining the data from two disparate data sources - USPS and spatial data from TIGER, GDT, Tele Atlas or Navtech,  into a single unified data set.
  • It creates a wider and richer universe than is possible with either data set alone.
  • A larger data set means more matches with fewer false positives.
  • Since standardization and geocoding occur in a single step – the geocoding process is faster and more accurate than two-pass systems.
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  Partners for Spatial Data  

GeoStan is available with data from the US Census Bureau TIGER database, or a variety of premium spatial data vendors. GeoStan is the only geocoding engine to provide this choice.


Key Advantages to Centrus GeoStan 

  • Highest Match Rates
    GeoStan's advanced parsing and matching algorithms consistently match more records than other products
  • Most Accurate
    GeoStan is able to geocode more addresses at the roof top level than any other product - with the fewest false positive matches
  • Real-Time or Batch
    GeoStan is ideal as a batch solution or used in a real-time environment to correct and geocode at the time of data entry.
  • Enhanced Control
    GeoStan's API is both easy to use and flexible, allowing developers full control over the behavior of the match and the data elements returned.
  • CASS Certifiable
    When embedded in our Centrus™ Desktop application and submitted for certification, GeoStan's CASS score exceeds the USPS guidelines.

Why is CASS important if I am not looking for postal discounts, just  accurate geocoding?

CASS stands for Coding Accuracy Support System, and it helps the US Postal Service to improve the quality and deliverability of the addresses that they see. Every year, CASS Vendors, including Centrus, need to recertify for this important process. Since the USPS sees billions of pieces of mail a year, CASS rules are developed to ensure GeoStan, and other similar software, can fix the most common problems that are actually being experienced by the USPS. Even if you have no desire to get postal discounts, CASS helps us match more addresses.



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